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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Lost in Blogging...

Whew! I can't believe my last blog was on the month of April!

There were lots of things that had happened already and I feel sad for not being able to write about it :-(

May-June were very busy month for me...lots and lots of weddings, big weddings actually! And the other blog about our weddings were not even updated! And here's the dilemma, I forgot the password for that blog! Blame it on my epidural!

Anyway, just to recount things...

1. We had a beach fun in La Luz last April 21-22 with the officemates of Dicky. It was the first beach out of Margaux and she enjoyed herself so much in the water and while playing in the sand.

2. Margaux is already walking since she celebrated her 13th month! Now, she even runs...

3. I'm on my 16th week of pregnancy already for the 2nd baby...we are excited to know the gender already next month.

4. We are flying to US for a (one-month) vacation on August. We are excited to see families and friends. Still booking though our tickets. It will be Margaux's first plane ride. Goodluck to us! I hope this vacation will be a breeze since I'll be almost 6 months in gestation by then and with a toddler in tow.

5. I became a reseller of Bare Escentuals products and tools...the hottest craze about make-up nowadays...Hope I will be successful also on this venture.

Sorry, no pictures currently...can't seem to find my camera's cable. Grrrr...hope I can find it before it's totally lost!