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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

CX vs PR

Been contemplating and been stressed in just preparing for this much awaited trip.

It is straight flight or with stop-over? With a toddler in tow...there are lots of things to consider.

Are we going for one long haul or should we take a plane with individual monitors? Oh, it's Cathy Pacific vs Philippine Airlines now!


Emi said...

i have taken both cx and pal to sfo. i say go with cx!!!!

there is a stopover in hk, but it is so not a hassle. Also, PR PALes in comparison to CX services and chairs/entertainment system.

i stayed in business class in both instances, i wasn't able to get a good rest in PR since the seats are so crowded and sometimes malfunctioning. read my other comments here.

hope this helps :)
and enjoy your US trip!