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Friday, March 09, 2007

A HongKong Retreat

I'm just so glad I finally decided to go with Dicky last March5-8 for a trip to HongKong. There has been some concerns before, that made me think twice whether I will join the trip or not. The day before the flight, I finally decided to come since I can no longer have my tickets rebooked and cancelled anymore.

After numerous calls in PAL hotline, I wasn't able to get a flight same as what Dicky had. Mar5, Mla-HK at 8am, I'm booked for the 10am instead. Mar8, HK-Mla at 6pm, I'm booked at 1pm instead.

Mar5 at 6am when I got in NAIA terminal 2 together with Dicky and his officemate. I decided to go with him already even if my flight was still at 10am. I approached the information counter and asked if I can already check-in even if my flight was at 10am. I'm just hoping to check-in and wait for my boarding time before 10am. But the staff offered me to be moved for the 8am flight. I'm so glad I was able to join Dicky already during that flight.

On my way back to Manila, I decided to just take the airport express via Central Station in HK. They were so efficient that there are check-in counters already in Central Station where I can load up my luggages. From there, I inquired again if I can be moved for a 6pm flight instead of the 1pm. Who said it's fully booked? That's the response I got with all my calls in PAL hotline. But from the check-in counter itself, the lady automatically moved me to the 6pm flight. I was just so glad, I immediately phoned Dicky, went back to his hotel and made some last-minute shopping!

This trip was really meant to be. I'm just glad I did.

Hongkong is such a nice retreat for me where I can just relax in the hotel and enjoy shopping at the same time. I love the weather there at this time of the year! Didn't do much shopping as it's just winter sale. Ok, ok, had to admit, did some shopping. My best buys: trench coat and black boots! Oh, I was kidding Dicky that since I bought this, we have to schedule a trip to New York so I can use those things! hahaha.