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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

In my lazy bones...

I have been a slacker lately...

Sorry for those of you who are checking my blog but doesn't seem to find anything new that is interesting to read...

Events and even milestones have passed but I just wasn't able to blog...Hope I can get back to blogging...

So what's up?

Bianca is already 5 months. She enjoyes rolling back and forth. She's such a happy baby...giggles everytime her name is called.

Margaux lives to her age of becoming terrible two! Our room is always a mess with all her toys all over. She started her summer class in Ahead Start last Monday. She had fun and I was all excited watching her from the back.

Dicky's sister from US is coming home together with her husband on May 2. We are excited for their coming. The last time they were here was during our wedding., which reminds me...we are actually celebrating our 5 Years Wedding Anniversary already by May 4. How time flies so fast!

5 years of being married and can't believe I'm already a mom of two beautiful kids...nothing planned yet for May 4. I am foregoing my planned trip since SIL will be here. We wanted to spend more time with them.

I'm sure we will have a fun trip with the kids to Subic this friday-saturday. We hope to catch Zoobic Safari and the Ocean Adventure.

We will fly to Boracay on May 12-14. Just a quick getaway with SIL, BIL and MIL. No kids this time! Unfortunately, we won't be able to vote during the election.

And because of this trip also, I need to get fit! I hate the bulges which aren't on the right places. I'm desperate. I enrolled to Fitness First yesterday. I started my workout today. Getting fit is expensive, I was compelled to buy also yesterday my gym outfits.

I hope my lazy bones in blogging won't happen with my exercising....Wish me luck!


apple said...

and you referred me sa Fitness First ha. =)
hay, i'm so tamad to work out. obvious naman di ba, hehe.
good luck on your fitness plans. =)