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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Why I love Him?

This tag from Annette is very timely as I have been really blessed with a husband like Dicky.

The Question:

What do you love the most about your husband/ partner?

  • He makes me laugh everyday

  • He takes care of me and our kids (as in a lot!)

  • He is a very good provider for the family

  • He is very understanding especially with my qualms
  • He never fails to kiss me everyday
  • He is a good cook
  • He is very good on what he does
  • He works hard for the family
  • He never fight with me especially when I'm in bad mood

  • He doesn't have "bisyo"

  • He is self-less especially regarding family

  • He is a good son

  • He adores the kids

  • He is very proud of me and our kids

  • He is very supportive about my work

  • He listens a lot

  • He is my best friend

  • He is good friend to many people

  • He thinks very well, an intelligent man

  • He makes good plans for the family

  • He's goal-oriented.

  • He made me a better person and lastly,

  • He is my everything.
Now, tell me passing the question to Jacqui, Abie, Jesse and Mich.


    Mich said...

    this is a sweet tag! sige will do it soon :) thanks Jody!

    Jesse Pega said...

    thanks jody for this tag! this is nice!

    Farah said...

    toink! im tagging you with the same tag jodie! anette tagged me alongside you hahaha :)

    anyhoo, here's the link:

    kisses to margaux and bianca!

    Aggie said...

    Uy I love this!

    Jody said...

    Thanks ladies! It is really a cute tag.

    abie said...

    thanks for the tag sis. done na po here: