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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

How to? How to?

How to change this blog to a custom domain blog of blogspot????

ARRRG! It's been three days already or four na pala when I tried to put this blog into a custom domain. I think I followed things correctly based on the instructions I found in the Help section of Blogger but still, I dont get it!

That explains why most of my blogging buddies can't access my page and also the reason why I don't have updates here for days.

Sakit na ng ulo ko kakabasa ng tutorials ha!

Can someone help me on this? I have an existing domain already which I want to use as a custom domain for this blog.

Hope I will be able to figure this out soon!


Jean Marie said...

hi jody... ganyan ginawa ko on my own domain. buti di ako nagka problem.

i just went to SETTINGS then PUBLISHING. tapos dun ako sa ADVANCED SETTINGS. just put your domain name there...

have you tried it na?

♥SomethingPurple♥ said...

ask farah, kasi alam ko nagkaproblema din SYA nung nilipat niya ang blogspot niya sa custom domain, did you buy your domain in blogger?

Farah said...

hey jody!

check mo dito sa link na to. lahat na gusto mo ipaayos, aayusin nya hehehe... seriously, dito ko nakuha answers to all my questions. and yes, pareho yun problem natin... :)