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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

For my camera's USB Cable...

O blessed St. Anthony,
the grace of God has made you a powerful advocate
in all our needs and the patron
for the restoring of things lost or stolen.
I turn to you today with childlike love and deep confidence.
You have helped countless children of God
to find the things they have lost,
material things, and, more importantly,
the things of the spirit: faith, hope, and love.
I come to you with confidence;
help me in my present need.
I recommend what I have lost to your care,
in the hope that God will restore it to me,
if it is His holy Will.


Hehehe, for some reason I cannot find my digital camera's usb cable to transfer pictures to my Macbook.  I remember using it last week.  Now, it is nowhere to be found.  Gee!  I hate it.  I have some pictures to upload and to share. 

Would anyone tell me if I can buy it in stores? 


AEC said...

hi jody, fellow nawie here. an option would be to buy a card reader. good luck finding the usb cable.

Gracie said...

good luck with the search, Jody. hope it turns up soon.