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Friday, September 01, 2006

A Welcome Treat...

What a WELCOME TREAT from our US Vacation to be featured in Entrepreneur Philippines Magazine September issue about "15 Hot Businesses You Can Start From Home"

Organizing Weddings is one of those and was so proud to be picked as one of the cover stories. Thanks to Rheea Prudente for writing the feature so well. After reading the magazine today, I got inspired...this is what I need to get myself rolling again after being so slacked from our 3-weeks vacation.

And oh, friends say that I do look good in the picture! Shameless plug! (pagbigyan nyo na ako)

This magazine feature is a welcome treat indeed...


che-ann said...

hello mare! wow, big time ka na talaga :) congratulations!!!

san ko ba mababasa yung feature story? im sure some of your friends and clients overseas are interested too :) baka pwede mo ipost dito?


Joanne and Rene said...

congratulations for being featured at a magazine. yup! look very pretty. see you soon.