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Saturday, June 23, 2007

The May that was...

Yes, I know I have been a slacker with my blog.

I just have so many things to run around which leaves me with no time to sit down and write. Ok, enough of excuses. Let's get the ball rolling...

As the title of this blog, I want to recount all the happenings last month of May.

Sister-in Law, Ate Lyn (only sister of Dicky) and husband came home from the US last May 2. It was a much-awaited vacation for them and so for us as well, cause we have planned their itinerary including us.

Thanks to Ate Lyn for the many "pasalubongs" There are just so many to mention each, but for my favorites...

A pair of "Stride Rite" rubber shoes for Margaux

And cute little pair of "stride rite" crawler shoes for Bianca
I'm just so glad to receive those pairs. You know, there weren't many good walking and crawling shoes available here in Manila. When I learned about Stride Rite on our trip to the US last year, I had to buy 3 pairs for Margaux. Super sulit...gamit na gamit ni Margaux and it will be a hand me down to the baby sister-Bianca.

May 4, we celebrated our 5th year anniversary with them in Tagaytay. We stayed in their uncle's house and had a grand time of just lounging around. Of course, a trip to Tagaytay won't be complete without visiting Pink Sisters.

We went back to Manila the following day and had to fix again our bags as we were scheduled for a-week stay in Manansala Tower in Rockwell. It was great that Ate Lyn got 2 rooms for us, where our family stayed. The accommodation was actually free for "balikbayans" as priviledge for buying a unit in Joya tower. Too bad, we weren't able to take pictures but the one-bedroom unit is spacious. I love the complete furnishings that the owner put on his unit and what's best to it, it was walking distance to Powerplant mall.

I suddenly realized I miss condo-living. Dicky and I stayed in a condo-unit in Makati in the first 3 years of our marriage. I love the convenience of the place. It was just 5-minutes away from Glorietta. Our unit then was a 2-bedroom with an attic upstairs where our very efficient maid, Evelyn stayed. And oh, I miss her also. She was so patient with us that it was ok for her that we wake her up for our midnight snacks as we were enjoying a dvd marathon. That's how our life was then, carefree and child-free.

We checked-out in Manansala Tower on May 11. Went back to our place in Pasig to again pack our things for a 3-day getaway in Boracay!

We met mother-in-law, Ate Lyn and Kuya Peter in Domestic airport at 430am last May 12. Our flight was scheduled at 545am, first flight of Asian Spirit to Caticlan. It's been 4-years since Dicky and I set our feet in Boracay. We were suprised that there were changes in port already, that you wouldn't get off of the boat in front of your resort anymore. I remember in 2003, we get off right in front of Pearl of the Pacific. This time, we had to get off from Station 3 and be transported by land to our resort, Sea Wind passing through their back door. But we realized that this is a better option so not to contaminate the beach and guests can really enjoy swimming in the beach without worrying of bumping oneself in a docked boat.

By 8am, we were already in Sea Wind. This is the advantage of taking the first flight, no time wasted to enjoy a day in Boracay. We were allowed to check-in early. Yipee! We immediately unpacked, put on our swimming gears and headed off to the beach right away.

Sea wind resort as the background...

The vast clear water of Boracay beach...I can stay here everyday!

And oh, we just stayed in the beach all day long...kaya naman, super "tan" ako. Of course, we enjoyed the massage/scrub at the beach! Scrub cause parang ang gaspang ng mga kamay ng mga "manangs" dun. Hehehe...but it's ok, libreng scrub na nga eh...
And who will not marvel at the great scene of Sunset in Boracay?

We captured these pictures ourselves on the beach...

Notice the left arm of Dicky stretched out to take these can see the sun rays from our back.

There is always the grilled seafood buffet meal by the beach. Sea Wind offers a very reasonable Php540 per person buffet meal with grilled seafood, pasta, mongolian barbeque, soup and salad. Super sulit diba? We just decided to dine in there for two consecutive nights...yummee super! Even the guests from the nearby resorts are trying the one from Sea Wind. But of course, we still didn't miss going to D'Mall and D'Talipapa.

And who will miss having picture in a sandcastle? We took it before our island hopping tour.

Obviously, we enjoyed everything about Boracay, as shown on our skin colors.

I would love to go back there again next year, this time to bring the kids...
The Boracay trip is one of those things to blog about the month of May. I'll reserve on another post Margaux's graduation in her summer class.