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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Our Margaux as a graduate...

We enrolled Margaux in a Summer Enrichment Program in Ahead Start in Kapitolyo, Pasig, which started April 16 and ended up May 18. I think I have blogged about her trial-class there before already. She went to school every M-W-F, from 9am-12nn, total of 15 sessions, with her missing two sessions. One when we went to Subic with Dicky's officemates and another one when she got sick and hospitalized due to Acute Gastroenteritis.

Yes, Margaux stayed in Medical City for one night because of dehydration caused by the above mentioned-disease. It hit her when we were in Manansala Tower, last May 6 and we had to bring her the hospital the following day, May 7. Good thing, she was attended immediately by her pediatrician and we were discharged the next day.

Nevertheless, our young playschooler was still very active in school. They had numerous activities both active play and academically. She definitely enjoyed those days. She also definitely learned from her classes. Now, she can recount and sing "days of the week", she can count 1-10, she recites her alphabet, although she misses some letters sometimes, but it is entirely ok. What do you expect from just a kiddo who turned 2 last March?
She was awarded as "Most Cheerful Student" during their graduation last May 18, which happened in the school grounds.

All the students around 8 (only 2 were girls) of them were requested to come in summer outfits...of course, my little girl came in a halter dress in bright colors...

Their class picture...

The school gave us a video assessment of Margaux. It was a one-on-one assessment with her Teacher Justin. It was a good way for the parents to see how their kids have actually progressed from the program.

We were such proud parents...and we are talking of just a Summer Class on a Playschool! What more when she enters big school? All the more when she graduates from can expect a big celebration!
But we decided not to enroll her first to a regular school this year. I think it would be too much of a pressure for her for a daily class, and much pressure to me as I would have to bring and fetch her from school everyday! I think I'm just taking the role of becoming a "school bus/car" next year instead.


apple said...

wow, congrats to Margaux! Most Cheerful ha, kanino pa kaya magmamana? hehe.