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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Life's choices...

Remember my post for wala lang?

Ok...the news then was Dicky was supposed to go to US for two weeks (business trip). I'm just so happy cause he didn't push through...

It was actually a good news for him if he will go but a bad news for me cause "iwan ako, kami!"

But I'm just glad he doesn't have to leave.

As you know, I'm the kind of wife who doesn't want to be left behind. I always fret whenever he has a business trip of some sort. Likely, I would always want to join. But there are just some instances which I cannot come and that will be a long rebattle between us, months before his scheduled trip.

I don't know how to survive in case he works overseas.

I salute those wives who have the courage to overcome the challenges of having a husband working abroad. In other words, those OFW's. In one of our trips together, I witnessed how a wife and her two kids cried profoundly at the entrance of the airpot as they bid goodbye to the man of the house. But I guess they would just have to endure all the pain of being away from each other in order to build a good future for their whole family.

How am I gonna survive if I'm on their shoes? I don't know, I just don't know.

How far are you willing to take to be away from your family in order to secure a future for them?

I always believe that as husband and wife, you should always be together, to grow together but life sometimes isn't just fair so some doesn't really have the choice but to seek greener pasture outside the country.

Again, this is even broader. Good Future, greener pasture for your family is always subjective to different people. How do you decide if you are for migration to another country? How do we define good future? How do we secure our kids from being a nobody to somebody when they grow up? How do you secure stability of your financial freedom?

We have our answers. We all have our own choices.


Unknown said...

i can relate my dear... i always think abt migrating for my child's sake since i'm an american citizen