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Saturday, December 01, 2007

I want to be with my kids NOW!

This is one of the sacrifices I have to endure in having this kind of work....

I got a phone call from home yesterday while coordinating a wedding that Margaux was complaining of neck pains since the afternoon. I thought it could just be a stiff neck. But I was so worried that she was crying because of it. When I arrived last night, she was already sleeping. I was dead tired to even check it. This morning, she was again complaining the neck pain. We put a hot compress cause I was really suspecting na stiff neck lang. Then I decided to call her pediatrician. We were advised to go to her clinic this morning but I can't come cause I have another wedding to coordinate today. I was even late already for my calltime. So Dicky who was supposed to have also a meeting this morning has to be the one to accompany Margaux and her yaya.

Now, I learned from Dicky that it is MUMPS! Hay, kawawa naman my Margaux! The pedia said it could last for a week so no school for her next week. And then the pedia asked Dicky to fetch back Bianca and bring her also to the clinic so she can be administered with the vaccine for mumps cause she might catch it as well. My poor babies! (huhuhu)

I feel bad about these times that I have to work and cannot attend to my kids. I have a commitment to my couple right now that I'll be here in this wedding from start to finish so I really can't leave.

How bad is Mumps? Could there be complications to it?

***blogging from the Manila Hotel lobby :-(


theworkingmom said...

Hi, Jody! I empathize with you. It's difficult when sometimes our kids have to take the back seat once in a while but then professionalism demands that "the show must go on".

Hope your daughter gets well soon!


Jean Marie said...

hi mommy jody, i had mumps when i was still in grade school. wawa naman si margaux. i think mas delikado if boy ang nagka mumps kasi it can cause infertility on their part daw.

Pam said...

hi jody,

i know how you feel, a;so having a full time job.. also had mumps before.. masakit and mahirap mag swallow.. do better give Margaux soft food

hope she gets better soon


Jane said...

hi jody, i dont know any thing about mumps pero sophia's 2 classmates were absent for more than a week bec of it too. baka uso? or what?

hope your babies get well. and ganun talaga, sacrifices of a working mom ...

Apols said...

hi jody, its bothersome lang siguro but not really that scary :)

its alright, na bad timing lang talaga because of your commitment...hope margaux gets well soon.

Jacqui said...

Hi Jody!

How's margaux na? hope she's feeling better. How about bianca? nahawa na ba?

what is good with mumps, they don't recur naman once you got it na. one time lang..kaya, ok lang for margaux and bianca to get it while they are young. It will take 1-2 weeks to heal naman. By Christmas time (or Barney show!), ok na sila :)

Hugs and kisses to Margaux and Bianca! :)

Though, kawawa nga lang kasi they will be in real pain.