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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Shopping on Sunday!

I will be hitting the road early tomorrow for an event in Tagaytay. Will stay for the night there as I might be too tired to even go back the following day for another wedding on saturday. But I'm looking forward to sunday as it would be my only day to shop for christmas gifts! Yes, I will only start on sunday. You see, that's why I still don't take pictures of our christmas tree as it is so bare with gifts and even with trimmings. I still have yet to buy :-(

No event, and no meetings please on sunday. I deserve this day! Shopping can make me sane. Otherwise, I'll go crazy na with all my busy schedule. Monday and Tuesday is another story as have back-to-back events. No I won't rest on sunday even if I'm tired. The mall is my resting place. I'll start early as it is a weekend. I'm sure there would be a lot of people doing their final christmas shopping also. I have to do my list tonight!

Can't wait for sunday!