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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Budget Counseling...

We are hoping for the best result of the pending loan application from another bank for our house construction. The husband is urging that we start within the year although I still have some apprehensions since I want to rather start next year. But we would rely on what's the result of the application instead. If this pushes through, would definitely cut down on unnecessary expenses. Yes, you read it right, unnecessary expenses like no more bags for the meantime. I'm really hoping I can be firm with this cause I don't want to become a victim of some debt management problems. Priorities matter so all my wants would have to set-back a little. In fact, I might consider getting credit counseling. Did you know that offers this kind of service not only about debt management or helping you get out of debt but also about reviewing of finances, and advising on budgeting. I guess I would need the latter, since I'm really bad on that aspect. The site can even help you find your credit rating and can even give you credit monitoring which is an essential service especially for those with mortgages. In fact, you will be suprised that you they do charge minimal amount only for this kind of counseling which is very appropriate especially on this trying times.  The cost can actually be depending on what service you will get.  It is just a great resource to consider not only about debt management but also managing properly your finances and assets.