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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Morey's Piers

My cousin's family based in New Jersey sent me their pictures from their recent family beach vacation. I can see how much fun they had in MoreySpiers, which is the best amusement park in Jersey. Oh, how I love to visit the place and also experience the thrill in enjoying the the two large beachfront waterparks. I am very sure the kids will have a blast in the kiddie rides while the husband would really love the roller coaster.  The major attractions include The Great Nor' Easter, The Sea Serpent, The Great White and they even have the giant Ferris Wheel.  They amusement park is so known for the fastest roller coasters available.  But not to worry because they also have something for the small kids like mini scooters, mini tea cups, kiddie train and jump around among the few others.  My cousin said that it should really be part of our itinerary when we come visit them in New Jersey.  She recommends us checking out the wildwood hotels motels, which offers fantastic accommodations.  She told us that they stayed in guestrooms which are actually beachfront.  That would be such a good view I'm sure.  They also offer weekly specials for the whole family to enjoy.  Our family loves travelling and I really love to bring the kids on exciting places like this.  I want them to remeber always how happy childhood is for them and that they would treasure such family vacations like this even when they grow up.  Now, it's a matter of timing the vacation when both Bianca and Margaux can really run around to enjoy the rides.  Hope we can do so in the next couple of years.  It's definitely one of the great amusement parks we would love to check and visit.