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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Last week, my company's website was hacked. Good thing, my reliable website developer has a back-up of all the contents of my blog. But she has to rebuild the site since the editing format were affected. Since then, I have learned to back-up all my blogs including my personal sites. I wonder what these people can do in hacking some sites. I just hate it. Well as they said, it happens in the world wide web. In fact, after my website developer have restored my site, it was hacked again. The hosting company handling my site cannot do anything. Though they have already blocked the IPs of the ones who hacked the site.  But it can happen again anytime.  It's pathetic. Now, I'm actually on the look-out for a new company to host the site so I am making some web hosting reviews. I wonder if this solution can actually guarantee that I will be hacked-free.  But I'm taking measures anyway.  I seached the internet and found out the list from Web Hosting Geeks the Top 10 Web Hosting Company. The site indicates the name of the webhosting company, their best features, their bonus features and their hosting review side by side with each other. The site pretty describes the great deal you can get from these companies.  It is such a good resource for anyone looking for a new webhosting company like me.  You can even see who gets awards like best budget hosting.  And as for me, I am also very particular in email hosting so I checked who got the best email hosting.  And i wasn't suprised that it was yahoo who bagged the award providing 1000 POP3 email accounts and unlimited storage web space in GB with spam protection and 30-days satisfaction guarantee.    Got to do some more reviews now...