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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

New glasses?

Look at my eyeglasses...

Bianca played with it again last weekend resulting to this breakout. This has happened a number of times already and i think i can no longer use it since the legs has loosen already. Gee, now I need to buy a new one. It's supposed to be not a good time for me to buy another eyeglasses because I have an increasing number of expenses for the month and until December. I actually did not allot any budget for this unexpected expense. But I just can't leave without my eyeglasses whenever I am working at home.  So yesterday, I went to the mall to check out new eyeglasses for me but to no avail, I didn't find any that is worth within my budget.  I'm suprised with the hefty prices of this glasses nowadays.  

I tried my luck in the internet and found the amazing deal from Zenni Optical.  I think this would be a good option for me to check out new eyeglasses. Imagine, getting stylish prescription glasses for only $8? It is indeed a great deal. I found out that they manufacture their own frames and sells directly to their customers making it more affordable since no need for a middlemen and advertising budget.   They even have a big selection of frames ranging from single vision lenses, sunsensor and even those tinted sunglasses.  I am looking for a progressive lens as I dont want a very think lens.  This is what I have been meaning to get.  Will order this online since its a better deal than buying off the rack from the mall.