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Thursday, May 14, 2009

2 nights to go...

literally and the much-awaited MBAP outing will happen already in Tagaytay Highlands. I was suprised when I opened my yahoo account this morning with a number of emails regarding the plans for Saturday. I hope all our plans would push through and that the weather would cooperate on us. We have saved for this a long time and so we want a definite success of this get-away. You wouldn't want to know how much we are spending for this trip even if its just a day tour. Thanks to our writing abilities and the hot-mommas can afford to throw in a fab-getaway for our families. We even have a line-up activities for the daddies!  In line with this, the husband is thinking on what car to bring since it would be in TH. The steep road going there would probably need an able car. Good thing, we do not have a problem with our able CRV. We had the Air conditioning compressor fixed already last week. Although, we are going in a colder weather than Manila, it would be very hard to travel especially with kids without an A/C inside the car. And my hair, gosh, it cannot stand the wind!  lol!  We didn't go wrong in finding the complete parts and accessories from an auto airconditioning company online that offers free shipping and warranty.