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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pictures from last weekend...

We had a blast! A fun, fun weekend. Started off with Animal Farm tour by some, which we weren't able to do since we arrived late. We headed to the basketball court for the daddies game. After 30 minutes, the dads were giving up but reservation was set for an hour so they had to finish the game. Then afterwards, a sumptuous buffet lunch were awaiting us by the pool side. The kids can't wait any longer so they went to swimming right away. While the mommies had few chats and numerous picture-taking! Then some decided to take the cable car while we joined others for the the fishing. Too bad, we didn't catch any but thanks to the Yaya of Jane who were able to catch atleast one for us.

It was almost 8pm when we went done. We weren't able to join the rest for the dinner anymore as the kids were so sleepy and tired already. I was also concern that the ultimate "daddy" went playing basketball, swimming, fishing with the kids and then still in-charge on driving us back home. But gladly, we arrived safely.

It was a great saturday! I hope we could repeat it!



jody, i love the last pic with bianca and pretty :)

mimi dang said...

Hi jodes, sana magkaroon din tayo ng Misis outing!