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Saturday, June 06, 2009


Husband and I are debating last week if we need to get a new vehicle. Well, that could be a very nice birthday gift for both of us but I really don't think we need to get one at this point in time. So the husband is frustrated that he can only dream about his ultimate plan to get his new car! Although, we have discussed already on what could we possibly get in case we decided to really get a new one. The husband has been eyeing to get an executive car for him! Actually, I do agree with it. If he was to choose, he would love to get a Volvo or a Mercedez Benz. Told him to better get a driver this time. In case we are buying, which would not be really really soon,  I'm sure we would be hooked up with an online company that sells for Volvo or Saab parts at reasonable rate and available wide options. But if I were to dream, I would love to drive a black BMW 5 series!  I love this car, so manly!