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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Reason for not so much update...

is because I was busy of Bianca's 1st week of school and now getting ready for the big sister's (Margaux's) start of school next week. Well aside from that, I was also busy twittering for the past few days! It is good to be staying up on that site because you will get some alerts for some work to be done but it is also a hold-up to be staying there with friends pressuring you to shop! Bwahaha, And take note, I am very much willing to be pressured! There are a number of shopping alerts available there.  Like I learned from them about the vintage fashionistas. And getting hook with online friends in Twitter is like getting hook as well in Style Hive, you will get great information on fashion, making it better for stylish people to get connected with one another.  Its like an online fashion club for people who loves shopping, designing and very much in tune with fashion.  So with friends like these,  the ending yesterday morning was getting up early before 7am just to get a catch an online friend while she was shopping for us in a Coach outlet!  And oh yes, there were a number of us who got our "nice" totes!