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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Who got an award?

Guess who got some web hosting awards? You can actually check from the site of the webhosting geeks. Found out that "Just Host" got the best blog hosting award.  They also got the best forum hosting.  Now,  if you are looking for budget hosting, "WebhostingPad"  got the award actually.I have also been reading up about some topics in blogging and webhosting from Webhosting Geeks blog and found out about the different ecommerce carts available online in the market today. I have browsing through since some of my blog domains are expiring this July so I am on the lookout for possible blog hosting companies.  I have also been meaning to change the layout as well and the themes of my blogs but I am just too lazy to do it now.  I am very busy twittering and facebooking in some of my free times.  And a change in theme would eat up a lot of time.  So maybe, I would just keep it as is for the meantime and just decide on what hosting should I get, lol!