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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Get together with High School Friends...

last saturday was a blast! It was the same good friends who are fun to be with!!! We had dinner in CPK in Shangrila Mall. I so enjoyed that night especially with lots of stories from each other to tell and even some revelations of the past! harharhar! Blast from the past! We had fun recalling all those years we were together, our teachers, our activities and even our crushes!!! Those were the days!

And much more, there was a wedding proposal that happened the same night to one of our friends while we were in Starbucks for coffee after dinner!

Oh, and I witnessed two wedding proposals that day. The first one was during the Jollibee Birthday party of Bela. I so love both proposals! So spontaneous and unexpected! I hope to become their wedding planners too! Lol!

As for the get together with high school friends, we hope to do it again!!!! I suddenly miss these people a lot!