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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Photo Birth Announcements now available...

Photo Birth Announcements are now available from Cards-411. I love the new designs they have released for birth photo announcements. They have different templates to choose from as to how you would insert your baby's photo in the card. In fact, you can even decide to add a logo instead of just the photo. Photo baby announcements are the "in" thing right now. It's a happy note to receive such kind of baby photo birth announcements from friends who recently gave birth. Makes you see the cute little bundle of joy right away.

The website, is so easy to navigate since you would find a variety of designs to choose from. You can also ask them to even create a special design for you in case you really don't find anything that would catch your fancy. But I do doubt on that. You would be happy to note too that they can print and ship right away your orders for any immediate need.


Anonymous said...

Really cute baby announcement, but here's more custom birth announcements at

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