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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Religious Thank You Cards

My friend is asking for supplier for  Religious Thank You Cards since she intends to give out baptism thank you card after her daughter's christening. I told her I got my thank you cards Religious before from Announcements-Shoppe.

I mentioned that she can order those religious thank you card from their website at I told her that if she orders from them, she can view your personalized invitation before you actually buy it since they have that patented Instant Preview Features. I also advised her that if she doesn't exactly find what she's looking for, she can request them to make a special design based on her preference.


Anonymous said...

Here's three websites that give 10 FREE Cards, FREE Shipping and have lots of unique party thank you cards, printed thank you cards, baptism thank you cards and baby thank you cards at:

I have ordered from all of these for different thank you cards occasions and been very pleased. Take a look and see what you think.