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Friday, November 13, 2009

My favorite nook...

in the house, aside from our bedroom is the bathroom. I am very fetish when it comes to bathrooms. In fact, posh and clean bathroom is one of my criteria before I book a certain accommodation in a hotel. I want modern designs for fixtures and accessories.  When we were building the house, we particularly took note of what we wanted and we showed it to our contractor and interior designer.  I have browsed a number of sites online for what's new in the market.  I particularly like those bathroom taps and shower systems that I saw from  It is easy to shop online from them since their products are categorized.  They also have amazing deals for bathroom suites, whirlpool baths and even shower baths.  Wish they were shipping in my side of the world because I would really love to get a complete line of their bathroom suites at almost 55% off from regular retail price! Amazing deal huh! When you check out their site, you would be suprised that they do have more than a thousand products available.  You would also like to note how secure and safe they deliver the items right into your doorstep.  Worth it to really check out their site especially if you are as fetish as me when it comes to bathrooms.