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Friday, May 02, 2008

A Different Kind of Cruise

While checking on possible vacation options, I got across online a different kind of cruise.  I was suprised to learn that there are Christian Cruises already.  These are innovative and wonderful way to spend a holidays.  Imagine being on board a luxury yacht where there would be bible teachings, tour of beautiful islands and at the same time relaxation not only of your mind and body but of the soul as well.  One popular Christian Cruise is the Footsteps of Paul.  This pilgrimage have a schedule that would start on July 19 and end on July 26.  The itineray would start with a special private teachings in Mars Hill, Athens.  It will be followed with fellowship and teachings at the sea.  There would also visit to famous preserved churches in Pergamum which is overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.  There would also be visit of some beaches and teachings in actual amphitheaters where Paul spoke to the Ephesians.  A visit to some caves in Greek Island will also be part of the itinerary.  Of course, for any travel, good finds in some shopping outlets would also be available.  It will be in Akritori which is the Pompeii of Greek Islands.  It s a haven for shopping devotees.  These Christian Cruises have been gaining popularity already so I think it is really worth to check out.