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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Beware: Credit Card Fraud

I received this email from my other egroup who works in East West Bank. Someone did the same thing to me. Good thing, I didn't fall prey in their hands. Last week before going to HK, someone called me saying that I had an increase in credit limit. But I said, I never requested for one. The girl on the other line being persistent was asking personal information. I just answered like few questions. But when she asked me for my credit card number, I said, I cannot give it to her. She should have it on her screen if she's really from the bank. Then she continued by saying that they would get my card in replacement for my new "gold" card. My doubts were confirmed. I said, I won't leave my card for them to pick up since any credit card company wont retrieve a credit card for replacement, they would just send you a new one if need be like in the case of renewals. Then they would just ask you to cut the old one. I said to the girl that I would confirm these with my credit card company's representative as I would call the hotline. Then she hanged up.

She called my mobile landline so I have the number stored in a caller ID. I tried calling the number and after an hour someone said, the girl went out for lunch. When I asked what company it is, a guy said its from bank something, ortigas branch. Then I called up again but no one is picking up until the following days. I reported immediately to my credit card company that same day.

Now, as a warning also, I am posting the telephone number and name of the girl who called me:

Diane Castro - 3879126

Below is the email I got:

Here is a warning we received at the office. I guess walang pinipiling


A client of a bank dropped by their branch to confirm the
authenticity of a letter which he thought came from EastWest Bank,
Credit Card.

The letter has the bank logo with a notation that it is computer
generated and does not require any authorized signatory.

The letter contained information about the client's increased in
credit line, amounting to Php 350,000.00 and the retrieval of the
existing card must be done for proper assertion of the new credit
line. Also, it was noted in the letter that the card will be replaced
after 2-3 banking days. The client received three follow-up calls
confirming the pick-up of the credit card. The calling party
introduced themselves as EastWest Bank personnel. Believing that
everything is true, the client entrusted his card to the deceitful

An inquiry from the Credit Card Department revealed that the client is
not included in the list of names of credit card holders with
increased credit line. His existing credit line is still the initial
limit which is Php 165,000.00. The client's credit line as of October
8, 2008 was already exhausted and as per Credit Card Department,
purchases have been made last September 28, 2008 while the client made
an inquiry about the letter he received last October 3, 2008.

Let us warn our clients on this deceitful act and may this serve as a
warning too, to all of us.