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Monday, October 06, 2008

He needs a lot of suits...

It's a big week for Dicky starting today. He is busy in polishing his presentation for the execom meeting happening this week. It's a monthly thing and I'm proud that the husband is already part of the exclusive execom committee of the whole JG Summit group. With it, he has been bugging me last weekend to check out new suits for him to buy to wear on this regular meeting schedule. We tried checking out some stores in the mall but too bad that we can't find a perfectly fitting suit for him based on his built and height. So this morning, I tried to check on the internt if there are stores where we can just order online. And goodness that I found I was ecstatic to inform Dicky about this Made to Measure Suits available for him. And it's so amazing because we can already get his suit in 2 weeks time with a very affordable price tag. They have a very simple buying process which you can do either online or make an appointment and go to their store. For online buyers, first, they would do measuring online. A guide will be given on how to prefectly get the proper measurement of a man's body in order to achive the accurate specs. Then you would choose what jacket and pant style would you like. Your choices vary from how many buttons to use, pockets, lapel, vests, sleeve buttons for the jacket. And for the pant style your choices could be based on lining, pockets, brace buttons, side tabs and belt loops. Then finally, you would have to choose the fabric and color. Isn't this a good option to get a suit that is based really on your measurement and preference? Seldom you see something off-the-rack that gives you the perfect-looking suit that includes everything you want from the choices mentioned above.  Now, Dicky is convinced to just order his suits online.