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Friday, October 10, 2008

Do I look drunk?

These pictures taken last monday as I headed out to MCafe in Greenbelt to hang-out with friends. A friend coordinator from Cebu was here in Manila so we made sure to bring her out since she was generous also to bring us around the last time we were in Cebu.

Gee, the rockstar drink from MCafe is so good! But after just a glass, I was all red!

Enough partying this week.  Had a another one last wednesday for the launch of Beautiful Weddings Magazine of Wedding Essentials.  Oh and I'm so glad because three of our previous weddings are featured on that issue.  (Reyes-Platon Wedding, Navarro-Puno Wedding and De Leon-Ochoa Wedding). Plus I also have a write-up of the most memorable wedding we have for this year. 

(shamless plugging!)