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Friday, October 03, 2008

Birthday Party Updates!

It dawned on me yesterday that it is already Oct 2 and haven't done any single preparation for the 2nd birthday party of Bianca.  So after checking again my options, I headed off to Shakeys Katipunan to book the venue.  I decided for this venue because of their flexibility with my requests.  I can bring in the Dora the Explorer theme and bring in my own decors and loots.  Meaning, would just get the venue and food from them.  

And with only less than a month to prepare, I was so glad I prepared things in a snap yesterday.  (dali lang pala magplan ng party eh, why was it so hard the past few parties?!hahaha).  

Dicky and I agreed on a certain budget and I promised him I would really make it to the minimum.  It's a simple party really!

Things I accomplished yesterday:

1.  Booked the venue and paid downpayment
2.  Decided on the menu
3.  Ordered invites from Adworks
4.  Ordered give-aways
5.  Talked to a cake-supplier
6.  Informed Apple that she is doing the decors

Next up:

1.  Take a picture of Bianca for her invites
2.  Have a tarpaulin made
3.  Finalize decor design with Apple
4.  Buy prizes 

I promise to work things out by next week.  Wish me luck!


Thea said...

tlgang informed Apple, ndi asked.
iba ba tlga pag MBAP? :lol:

Jody said...

Hehehe, wala na syang choice tsaka kailangan within my budget lang! hahaha

abie said...

uy party planning...good luck sis...