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Friday, October 03, 2008

Casino in Macau?

I saw some pictures of Venetian Hotel in Macau and boy oh boy, I'm drooling and can't wait to see it myself when we go there 2 weeks from now. We intend to take the ferry going to Macau on the first day that we would arrive in Hong Kong. My cousins would like to check the casinos there. I am not sure if we would play as I dont have luck even for a simple slot machine. But one of my cousins who will be with us enjoys playing online Casino like the one from Casino De. Well, he is kinda addicted with it and he says that he's been lucky in winning in playing some black jacks. He recommends this site among other online site because it offers great playing techniques and bonuses.  But for me, I am so bad with card games. Dicky usually has poker nights with friends and I still haven't memorized the game even. I always end up asking question from him whenever we play together. Funny because I was competing with him but then I was asking him.  For the trip to Macau, I'm also excited to hop the free shuttle to bring us from one hotel to another.  I'm sure it would be one fun trip.  We intend to do some sight seeing and some window shopping as well (promise!), just window shopping, but definitely no casino playing!


Jean Marie said...

Wee! Travel time na naman kay Mommy jody! Shopping spree na naman ito! Hehehe

Where kayo stay sa Macau? We're heading off sa Macau din kaso February pa but we're booked already, sayang ang promo kasi sa Tiger Airways eh. hehee. We're staying at Sintra Hotel, I don't know if where banda yun(Travel agency nag suggest). Sabi sa Macau City sya.

Jody said...

Hello Jean! Di kami mag overnight in Macau. Day tour lang kasi mag disney pa kami eh.

kaso wala na akong pang shopping :-(!