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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Men's Cartier

As my trip for Hong Kong will be in two weeks time, I have been making a list of our itinerary as well as the things to check on some stores there. Apparently, the husband is asking me to buy him 2 pairs of shoes. I cannot disagree as I do not want to be reprimanded for all other things I would buy for the kids and for myself in Hong Kong. I am also thinking to check out a christmas gift for him there. I have been thinking if a dslr camera would be a nice gift for him. He has been mentioning the idea of buying one actually. But I am also thinking of giving him another watch. This would compensate for the number of bags I bought for the year! (lol). I have checked out sites to look at great new watches in the market today. I stumbled upon The Watchery just now and I have been drooling over nice Cartier watches. I am sure the husband wouldn't mind getting one men's cartier and I wouldn't mind getting a "her" collection to partner with the watch I am eyeing.  See picture below of what I found.  The watchery has great selection of 100% authentic luxury watches including of course Cartier, Breitling, Tag, Omega and many others.  They are currently offering substantial discounts from the manufacturer's suggested retail price.  Gee, I need to work doubly hard for my assignments if I really want to push through of this plan, because of a great information that this site accepts paypal money!