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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Buying a new car?

My car is a black chevrolet optra and since black is beautiful, I call my car "Beauty." It's been with us for almost 4 years already. Dicky and I share the car before but since I use it most of the time, because my work requires me to be mobile, he decided to get his own already. He got himself a Honda CRV last year. Apparently, "beauty" is not being herself recently. I frequently bring her to chevrolet service for maintenance. I'm getting frustrated as it has been giving me headaches for the past 2 months already. Not to mention the soaring car maintenance expense that has not been budgeted. So I was telling Dicky that I wanted to get a new car already next year. I'm thinking to choose among Honda Cars. I really like the new CIVIC. The interior is very stylish. But I also like the new CRV. Now, I have to compare Honda Car Prices. I have learned about the site that is a car comparison site that helps buyer like me to compare prices of vehicles. They'll get you about 2 quotes from two different dealers. Their process is very fast and it's for free. You just have to indicate what make, model, year and transmission you prefer. You can also indicate if you are purchasing the vehicle outright or if you will finance it so they can give you the appropriate quote based on your payment option. It's that easy. I am now checking the site to get Honda Car Quotes. As for me, one of my requirements as well is that it has to be automatic as I don't know how to drive a manual transmission. And if ever, I'll get another black "beauty."


nol_espedido said...

hi Jody! u might want to consider Mazda and Ford brands . . . Plugging lang . . . :)