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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Field Trip...

Margaux will have a scheduled field trip this friday. This is in line with their current theme of "Transportation. "

The field trip will be taking a trip to the LRT Station 2 to ride the train and to Tiendesitas to ride the kalesa. I got excited about it cause it would first for Margaux, the train ride and the kalesa ride. Well, their taking the LRT Santolan Station up to LRT Cubao Station only. One companion is required for every kid. I'm sure she would love both rides!

Sorry, kababawan, but I would really love her to experience both! I'll be with her. I also haven't tried a kalesa ride! So it would also be my first.


Jane said...

uy jody la lanag, natuwa lang ako coz transportation din topic nila sophia in school now :)

Pam said...

Hi Jody,

kakatuwa yung mga simple things like this.. am also really looking forward to the first jeepney & mrt ride of the little boy.

good day

Jen said...

You should try a kalesa ride in binondo. Its very enjoyable. And you'll never forget the smell! LOL