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Sunday, November 04, 2007

The party was a success!

It's finally done...

The party was a success! When everyone went home na, parang I want some more! hehehe, the preparation that took for almost 6 months were executed superbly yesterday. Thanks to all the suppliers who made it possible. We still have a hang-over from it.

Valle Verde 6 Clubhouse were filled with almost 200 guests and around 75 kids. Everyone enjoyed the party. Most of the guests were raving about our party theme. Disney map was distributed upon entrance.

Our family was in color coordinated clothes of brown and pink done by Mimi Ferrera of Bumblebee and Company. Everyone commented on how "pretty" we were. We were able to get an exact color of polo for Dicky, which we even got from Springfield ATC. Imagine us, from Pasig going all the way to Alabang the afternoon before the party cause that's the store where a size for him was available.

The kids were treated beautifully from the kid's salon provided by Kids Haus. Some had their glitter tattoo. Most of the kids got a balloon creation from the balloon twister. They had so much fun with the game booths with matching stamps to claim goodies in the redemption booth. The kids enjoyed the idea also of using play money to purchase mini burger, hotdog, popcorn and ice cream from the food carts. These were all provided by Yan-Ple. The families enjoyed their photo magnet souvenirs from Konsepto and all had a funny pose from Clique booth.

The food was super yummy. Everyone was asking who was our caterer. Of course, it's always Josiah's Catering for our family celebrations. The cake, that was made by Quintbelles was a highlight as it was a replica of the disney float from a parade in Disneyland. The dessert buffet was also a hit to the guests. The guests watched also a beautiful audio-visual presentation made by Threelogy while eating.

Definitely, the decors made it all look like a disneyland, actually Biancaland. The entrance decors was a great welcome treat to the guests. And of course, Balay Kandila made such a beautiful castle right at the middle of the stage, with matching lights. It was also a replica of the castle from Anaheim, California. Gave the picture to them and they were able to copy it.

Games and magic show by Wizzo made all guests in awe. Even adults enjoyed it a lot. No single kid went home without a BAG of prizes aside from the pail loot bag they got. It was all meant for the kids. We prepared around 256 individual prizes from the redemption booth, aside from the 100 pcs of major and minor prizes for the games.

The party was capped with a grand fireworks display from Dragon Fireworks. I'm excited to see the pictures from Ging Lorenzo and the video from John Aguas.

Bianca was very happy with her party. We can see it in her eyes. Ate Margaux also had a blast. Bianca received a total of 65 gifts plus some cash gifts! Yahoo, kay mommy na yun, hehehe, lol!

The whole family was dead tired after the party, but we were very happy for the success. Dicky congratulated me for a job well done.

This is just a synopsis...hehehe. Will post again a more detailed birthday story and suppliers rating, and of course, the pictures...can't wait to see them!


Jen said...

wow!!! looking forward to the pics!

Nyree said...

Hi Jody! Sounded like a fun party! Can't wait to see the pictures!

♥ mommy author ♥ said...

wow jody! i can't wait to see the pics! :) congrats for the successful party!

Mich said...

awww, seems like you had a blast! can't wait for the pictures! happy birthday Bianca! :D

Peachy said...

bitin!!!! kala ko may pics na hehehe! congrats again Jody :)

Lei said...

congrats!!! i can't wait to see the photos of the party.

BY NATURE said...

happy birthday, bianca! great job with the party, jody! looking forward to the pictures :)

topher joshua said...

wow, ang bongga! sarap talaga magpa-party sa Philippines!:) looking forward to the pics!

abie said...

tama nga si peachy, bitin nga...hehehe...super excited na ako to see the pictures.

Congrats sis for pulling a great party. Mukhang super enjoy ang lahat.

I love your theme, Biancaland...

Pictures!!Ma mressure ba?...hehehe

Tc sis.