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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Talk of the town...

It is the talk of the town. Someone is coming to Manila!

All the mommies head out to SM Ticketnet to purchase their tickets. And we are one of those. We are watching the Let's Imagine Tour of Barney in Manila. We are taking the December 19, wednesday. Yes, it's the first showing date. We chose the date cause first, I have events on December 22 and 23 (both weekends) and we want to do away with the christmas rush traffic on those dates. Well, I guess even on 19th it would be traffic as well.

We will be at PT 103, Row L Seat Numbers 19-21. We got the center aisle. It would just be me, Dicky and Margaux. We decided not to bring yet Bianca as I'm sure she won't much understand or enjoy it yet. Well, the truth is "ang mahal ng tickets!" If we bring her, we definitely have to bring the two yayas already....yay! We will just show to her the pictures...Poor Bianca!