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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Today is the day...

Yes, today is the big day for's her 1st birthday celebration.

Notice that I wasn't able to post for the past 2 days. The mommy is so busy (read as "harrassed!") for last minute preparations. Talking about being a crammer!

We are all excited but also anxious about the success of the party!

Will be back for pictures and birthday story...


abie said...

wow, ngayon na pala bday ni bianca. Feeling ko mukhang mag cramming din ako for Bela's bday. Dami pa di tapos eh - souvenir, tarps & last minute preps. hehehe..

But I bet magiging super fun ang bday ni Bianca.

We'll wait for the pics and kwentos.


macy said...

happy bday,bianca! im sure it was a success. will wait for the pictures.