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Monday, November 19, 2007

The Show 'Moments'...

Thanks to all those who catched the episode. Likely, mataas ang rating nun! I have texted all my friends and family to watch it, lol!

Anyway, a lot of my friends say, that I was super "daldal." I can even replace the host, Gladys Reyes. Hehehe. But I have no plans at!

It was exciting to see yourself in TV. It wasn't actually my first time, cause was featured na rin before about wedding planning on Net25 also and an interview about wedding coordinators by Cheska Garcia on Us Girls Show. Well, limelight is not new to me! hahaha, kapal!

They took videos of Margaux and Bianca also. Margaux was ultimate pasaway! Ayaw magpahiram ng toys! Yikes, challenged ako sa portion na yun!

I'm asking for a copy of the episode so I can try to upload it...hopefully, kayanin ng powers ko to convert it to YouTube.

Thanks to all my supporters!


Jane said...

naku, please do upload it. i missed it eh .. :(

Paul and Toni said...

ako din i missed it! i was out whole day of saturday and sunday eh. :(