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Thursday, November 29, 2007

What's happening?

What a freaking day!!!!

What's happening to our country?

Came from Rustan's Makati because of a photo shoot for a magazine, then Glorietta closed up at 4pm so we were rushed to finish the shoot. Then heard in the radio in my car that an APC broke in the lobby of Peninsula Manila. What a F***!!!

I was freaking out! Super affected ako...waaah!

Because we got married in this hotel. So that makes it my favorite hotel.

Super sayang ang lobby! Newly renovated pa naman :-(

What's the problem with these people? Can't they just fight their own battle, rather than mangdamay pa!

***Can you imagine??!! There's a wedding in the hotel supposedly tonight! Kawawa naman diba? And I'm helping a coordinator friend who has an event in the hotel also on saturday to look for alternative reception venue for her couple! The bride is just crying :-( These couples should triple charge Trillanes for the cost of their whole wedding!!!
There are little concerns also re my wedding tomorrow because of this happening. Well, a number of guests are cancelling attendance and delivery issues of the suppliers to the venue tonight! Though it's in Roxas Boulevard but curfew will strike this midnight! And most of the suppliers are setting up in the venue this midnight! HAY!


♥SomethingPurple♥ said...

hi jody, just bloghopping from jane's, can i link you up.

Grabe naman ito, i can just imagine the devastation of the bride, buti hindi mo bride. My mom texted me about this and I was in shocked talaga.

i had fun reading your entries.


Paul and Toni said...

hi jody! ako din favorite hotel ko to but not because it is where we had our reception but because dyan namin nabuo si lance. hehe! affected din ako sa ginawang yan ni trillanes sa pen! hmp!

Apols said...

naku its a nightmare if i was the BRIDE. I'd kill Trillanes if i was at the site LOLS