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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mommy Bloggers Christmas Party Part II

So here are some pictures from the mommy bloggers christmas party...

Ang gulo lahat sa pictures :-)
During the first game...not listening to the instuction of the host, hehehe.

Ay, talo kami dito! Di man lang ako umabot magpaputok ng balloon!
Some daddies and kids... Sherwin and Sandy of Joy; My Dicky and My Margaux; Howell and Bela of Abie

Introduce yourself portion...
Nagkagulo lalo nung lumabas si Grimace :-)

Some mommies and kids...

Business muna...Peachy showing her wares...

Now, let's go to my impressions of the mommies...

Abie is a very jolly person. Pati ang hubby, game sa pagkembot! hehehe. And their daughter Bela was also a good dancer, alam ko na kung kanino nagmana!
Aggie is one of the first one I saw during the party. She's very friendly as she introduce herself to me. I didn't realize that she's tall. Her son Matthew is a gwapito and Martha is such a doll. Natuwa si Dicky sa kanya. She was laughing at Dicky making faces.
Apple was the last one to arrive. Syempre pa, superwoman kasi, galing pa ng party. Well, as always, she's generous kasi may keychain syang binigay to all mommy bloggers. Pero yung sa amin, she forgot! hehehe. Ok lang yun girl.
Apols was gentler in person! Hahaha. Parang iba sa blog nya. But you can see that she's an organized person cause she would really ensure that everyone gets to eat when food were being served. And she bought special prizes pa ha.
Jane as always is pretty. Trivia: I did Jane and Jon's wedding in Fontana. She's always been makwento. Kunyari lang na "shy" sya! And gosh, when I saw Sophia, nagliit ang anak kong si Margaux!
Joy is another pretty mommy. Kainis, ang papayat nila! Very sassy mommy itong si Joy when she dressed. You can see it pati how she dress Sandy. Sandy is also adorable. Thanks for the gifts girl!
Jacqui is not new to me. She was my husband's officemates so we get together for activities from work as well as mga company outings and christmas parties nila. Trivia also: I did also their wedding ni Mike in Caleruega, Tagaytay. As always, she's very kalog! Daldal din nyan!
Peachy is one of the mommies I look forward in meeting cause text mate ko yan! From BE (bare escentuals) pa before. Very sassy mommy as well at super businessminded. Sa susunod daw na coffee-coffee lang, bag naman ang dadalhin nya para itinda! Hehehe. Girl, sell naman bigger blouses! Di kasya sa amin ni Jacqui eh...
Kelly is the best dressed! She deserve it! Ganda ng blouse. Love it! Bagay sa iyo. Sayang wala si Manu that time. But it was nice to see you and Gats as well. Trivia: I also did their wedding in Mandarin Hotel.
Thea is such a cutey mommy. Di ko pa sya narecognize agad. Girl, di ka naman mukhang preggy in your blouse eh. Her daughter is a cutey also. Although, di kami nakapagchika masyado, layo kasi ng tables namin. Anyway, there's next time pa naman.
Hope we could really repeat the get together!


Dang said...

wow..kainggit!!sarap ng get together nyo!
ang galing mo mag describe sa mga mommies..feeling ko tuloy nakilala ko sila ng husto!
alam mo jody, nagsisi ako bakit di kita kinuha nun coordinator!!sayang, isa yun sa mga biggest mistake ko! i should have listened to my heart when i met you at starbucks in 2003. anyways, im glad dito sa blog na meet kita ulit!

Apols said...

Wahahaha, blame it on my online diary turned public BLOG bwahahaha.

You were actually my first choice as wedding planner during w@w days and you got pregnant during 2004 right? :P You were very famous at W@W who wouldnt know you noh?

Have a nice day ;)

Jane said...

jody, correction, sa mimosa not fonatana but i made you saty sa fontana overnight coz cheaper hahahaha.

margaux is so mahinhin ha. si sophia is brusko, naku!

re being shy, oo, kunyari lang yun, i need to warm up sometimes haha.

will make my kwento and impressions na rin.

Jody said...

Hi Dang! Oo nga, I remember your a friend of Emi diba? Where are they na nga pala? US na rin daw? Nawala na kasi her blog eh. Naks naman, kakataba naman puso yung sinabi mo!

Hi Apols! Sayang, I should have done your wedding pala :-) Sa 25th nyo na lang! Hahaha!

Hey Jane, Oh yeah mimosa nga pala...Yeah and we stayed in Fontana. Gosh, I was pregnant na nun! Di ko pa alam. And I can't forget yung super sarap na lunch sa bahay nyo when we did an occular with Ronald and Angel!

Thea said...

hi jody. i was supposed to comment when i first read this. ewan ko ba, nakalimutan ko ata. anyway, better late than never. :D

kc natawa ako sabi mo i'm a cutey. ganun tlga pag maliit, cute! hahaha. salamat. nice meeting you. and hope to see you again for our next meet-up. ;)