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Wednesday, November 14, 2007


What's my secret for a flawless make-up?

It is Bare Escentuals and nothing else. It's the only brand that I use now from foundation, to eye make-up, blush, eyeliner and lipstick. I'm just glad I have the full set already, even for the brushes, I only use bare escentuals. I'm so addicted to all of its products. I'm using a combination of medium and medium light foundation, warmth combined with rose radiance for all over-face color. For the eyes, I use bare skin color and vanilla as base. For the blush, I use the laughter color and gingersnaps color for the lipstick. So for those who are asking what's the brand and color I am using during the mommy bloggers christmas party. It was all of the above.


Thea said...

aha! so this is the secret.
makapag-aral nga mag make up.
wala bang you can apply inside a moving car? bwahaha. ;)

nway, i have something for you here:


Kelly said...

jody, flawless talaga ang makeup nung party! now i'm so tempted to try BE! they have a starter kit, right?

Annette said...

I love BE, super light pa sya sa face na you won't even feel na may make up ka pla..


i am also addicted to bare minerals.. actually me and ate are planning to have bare make-up party when i go there next May. magtitinda din kc cya nito.. hehe