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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Social Networking

I know a lot of people who would like online social networking. It definitely shows on the millions of blogs available in the world wide web. I have found a site that combines social bookmarking with Social Media and social networking. Earthfrisk offers services and tools on social bookmarking. It is a system that allows any internet user to organize, share and even store bookmarks of some web pages. It could be your favorite webpage that you would like to store for easy search and access. Most of the time, these bookmarks are public, but depending on the service features offered, it can be saved privately or within specific groups only. Whoever is allowed to view the webpages, one can have the option to view these bookmarks chronologically or by category or tages or via search engine. Random viewing can also be chosen. Earth Frisk is also running a cool Contest now. One just need to sign up and upload a picture. For the major prize, $2000 is at stake. So check out the site to learn more.