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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

About online casinos...

When we went to Las Vegas last year, I did enjoy our time there very much. Aside from the very beautiful hotels, of course I enjoyed playing the slot machines in the casinos. A few months back, we were invited also for a casino night by a wedding magazine as a treat to the wedding suppliers. It was just plain fun, no serious betting. But I also enjoyed playing poker and baccarat. I learned my ways and understood the rules of the games. Once in a while, I was telling Dicky, if we can go to the casino for some quick fun. But I am just afraid I might get hook with it for an addiction. That is actually bad. Then I searched the internet for possible online casinos. I was suprised to learn that there's a lot out there and that you can play the games in the casino at the comforts of your home. But which one to choose? There is one site that has been reviewing online casinos since 1997. PRO360 offers a detailed review of almost 3000 online casinos. The site is a big help especially for those who are starting their way to such interest. They do the reviews based on factors like maximum bonus, players ratings and editors ratings. They offer informations like beginners guide to online casino. It even has information of which are the casinos that offer best bonuses and payouts. Browsing through the site, it made me realize that it is good to check out first, especially for those who are considering to gamble online cause their information available online is very valuable.