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Friday, October 26, 2007

Meet my Little Dumbo...

Margaux joined the "trick or treat" in her school (Child's Space) yesterday. Of course, the mommy was super proud. She wore her costume, yipee! I thought she might get irritated with the headpiece but she was so cooperative. Everyone says she's a cutie. I took a lot of pictures and video the entire event.

Here are some of it...

Walking going to school

Happy to see her classmates

"Mommy, start na?"

"This is my trunk."

"Look at my tail!"
Scrambling for more candies..

Isn't she the smallest in class? But the cutest of course! Hehehe, love your own! (These are kids from two classes: The preschoolers and the toddlers where Margaux belongs.)

Costume made by Bumblebee and Company. Thanks Ninang Mimi.

I'm excited for another trick or treat in Dicky's office on the 30th. Sulit ang costume!


M0rN1nG & N!cE said...

Hi Jody! Ang cute cute naman ni Margaux. :) Bagay sa kanya yung elephant costume.


Mich said...

aawww, I so love her costume Jody!! so cuuuute!! :D

abie said...


Ang cute ni Margaux. I love her costume.

Buti nga napasuot mo sya ng ganyan. Naku si Bela, feeling ko di kaya isuot yan.

Tc sis.

topher joshua said...

Sooooo adorable! Margaux is a cutie... love the costume!

Len said...

Jody, ang cute naman ng little elephant mo. i just love trick or treat for kids... kaka-aliw mga costumes nila :)

Jane said...

i like her costume and bilib ako ha, she wore it!

Jen said...

awwwwwwwwww! just a question, was she ever hot in it? hehehe. love that tail!

Jen said...

err, not tail.. but you know what i mean, LOLOLOL!

Jody said...

Hello friends! Thanks for commenting on margaux's costume... I was so proud she wore it. She actually like it. At first nga akala ko ayaw eh kasi nga I'm asking her ninang to provide na lang something na walang headpiece but when I saw it, winner talaga so I decided na yun na lng. It wasn't really hot on her naman cause aircon naman sa room nila. And we took it off after the trick or treat parade. Thanks for the compliments!