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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Buying a house...

About a month ago, we have seen a house and lot for sale near my brother's house. We really wanted to buy it already and so we pursued talking to the owner. We also did some of our research by going to the banks and asking about interest rates for mortgages. We also checked the internet for information re mortgages. Apparently, after pursuing it further, the owner decided not to sell it anymore. We were dissapointed about it. But I came across a very good site that offers a lot of infomation especially to first time buyers like us. I have learned that Mortgages UK have a very wide market and one should fully understand it first before taking the plunge. Money Magic Mortgages is a very useful site discussing like interest rates and options regarding it, whether fixed or variable. It also details information not only for personal mortgages but as well as commercial property mortgages. The company offers a free quote with no obligation based on the customer information which can be supplied online. After an independent financial advisor confirms all your details, you can decide then on the mortgage you will take. I have truly learned a lot about mortgages with this site.