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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Long Distance Calls...

After getting the approval of our tourist visa from the US Embassy, we were excited to inform all our friends and family based in the US. It will definitely be another vacation for us by next year. When we got home, we immediately phoned my sister-in-law to bring her the good news. She was very elated when she heard about it. She was as happy as we were exchanging ideas already as to how we will spend our vacation there. But I had to cut short our conversation because of the yielding telephone bill I would be incurring. My sister-in-law said that she would just be the one to call me cause she got an international calling card to use.

She actually called me after 10 minutes and we talked for more than an hour. I was suprised with the quality of our conversation even if she was using a prepaid calling card. We have often talked before but we were always cut off. There were times also that her voice seems to come from a long tunnel. We can't barely understand each other. I asked her what's the phonecard she was using and she said she recently signed up with Pingo. She received almost 5 hours of international calls just by signing up. She never complains as well of any hidden fees or charges from it unlike from other card companies.

My sister in-law is a very satisfied user of these international phones. She said that it even has a Ratewatcher that can compare phonecards and can get the lowest rate offered. She's using the system to help her manage her account by monitoring her usage. It also has the Pingo Phonecard Advantage that can upgrade her long distance service without the hassle of changing carriers.

My sister-in-law is convinced that it is "the last calling card you'll ever need!" I'm convinced so I'm taking a look to sign up now. In fact, they do have a Special PPP Postie Phone Card Deal. It is a special blog discount coupon of $3 off from Pingo's ppp3. Grab yours as well!