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Monday, October 01, 2007

The Shoot...

The shoot with Gladys Reyes for her new show..."Moments" pushed through last saturday. I arrived on time with the calltime of 1pm in studio of Net25 in New Era University. Gladys came in 10 minutes after. We were casually introduced. I find her nice as she was even very polite to me. Then we realized that we are just the same age..."30."

I was suprised to see their set. It was nicely done, very much like a home feeling.

We were requested first to have lunch. Dicky was with me and Gladys was with her husband and their 20-month old baby boy. Her husband is very good looking as well as their kid. We had casual talks while eating and discussed some few things on what I currently do.

Then after eating, we were requested to have our make-up done. I came in with make-up already so the artist just touched me up. She just did my hair cause I wasn't able to blow dry it from the house.

We started shooting at 3pm! Yes, 2 hours after the calltime. They also showed to me as well the preview already of the shoot from the house last Friday. They came in to shoot the kids and me, like an intro avp for the show before the real interview with Gladys.

I was amazed as how it turned out nicely after editing. Feeling ko kasi, super mess our shoot from the house cause the kids are sleepy na that time.

The interview went very well. Para lang kaming nagkwekwentuhan. I was proud to say, walang cut! hahaha. The next mom that they interviewed after me was saying na super kinabahan sya after watching me. Nanlalamig tuloy sya kasi daw para daw akong pro! Hehehe. Well, sanay lang talaga ako sa camera...artista ata ako nung past life ko eh! lol!

It was a nice experience. I enjoyed it actually. My only concern now is that I hope I don't look FAT in TV! Di kasi ako naka-black eh. I hope they were able to get my angle na payat ako! Bilin ko yun sa mga cameraman! Hehehe...

Here are some pictures...


Before the interview

Were on shoot already!

This is how we look like in their TV monitor.

At may retouch pa in between the segments

Picture taking after the shoot...

The show will start sometime November daw. Of course, I would let everyone know about it. As to what I discussed there, watch na lang the show...hehehe.


che-ann said...

hey mare, you sure looked like a pro! actually, seemed like you were the one interviewing gladys instead. very at ease ka sa set ha :) hahaha. better find yourself a clever manager :) good luck on a whole new career!

frapr said...

wow! so showbiz! congrats! pa-share ng video when you have the chance ha! :)

M0rN1nG & N!cE said...

congrats jody! you look like a pro nga. :) Do let us know when they'll show it on TV na ha.