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Monday, October 22, 2007

Here come's the party...

The book-type invitation...

Cover Page

Page 1 and 2

Page 3 and 4

Two weeks to go...!


Jane said...

nice invites!

this post makes me miss party planning so much!!!!

che-ann said...

hi mare, you are on a roll ... dami mo nang posts!!! ang galing ng invite ni bianca ah, enjoy for sure ang party! looking forward to the pics :)

abie said...


Ang cute ng invite ng Bianca.

I'll wait for the party pics.


Kelly said...

mukhang bonggacious ang party ni bianca ha!

Peachy said...

nice invites :) for sure fun filled na naman yan. will wait for the pics and kwentos

Jacqui said...

Hi Jody.

Got Bianca's invites na! Really nice ha! Aliw si Sam sa pop-ups! :)

Btw, got something for you in my blog! :)

Jody said...

Dear friends,

Thanks for all your comments re Bianca's invites being nice. Of course, the mommy is very happy. I'm really getting excited about this party...pero I'm ngarag na rin for last minute details!