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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Earn while blogging...

I am now really encouraged to earn while blogging. I have registered my blog with Blogsvertise. Once approved, I can already earn extra income by receiving writing assignments to discuss and talk about in my blog. I also look forward in knowing what is new in the market today. I have learned that advertisers have registered their site with Blogsvertise because they have realized the publicity they can get out of it. I encourage friends to also join the bandwagon. The rules are just easy, once the task is assigned, you just need to mention the website in your blog and atleast link it three times in your blog entry. The post must be permanent and should not be deleted in your blog. Your entry will be reviewed for approval and of course you will paid for that writing task once approved. This is a very good opportunity not to waste time on just writing about anything. You can be rewarded at Blogsvertise. So sign up now!


Nyree said...

Hi Jody! Try mo din That's where I get most of my blogging money :)